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Success Stories!

Nothing beats that "I did it!" moment. 

The sense of accomplishment that comes along with successfully overcoming a difficult task all by yourself.

Seeing the confidence grow in a child who has successfully mastered lace tying, which for some can often be a daunting and difficult task.

We love sharing in the success of our customers and hearing how the Ezi-Lace-Ups system has helped them achieve their goals!


Have a read of some of the success stories that have been shared with us by our amazing customers!


"We are happy and so very proud. Love and highly recommend"

My son is 7 years old. He has been diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and Global Development Delay. Something as small as teaching him to tie his shoe laces, is a simple task for me. But for my son, he struggled with gripping the laces, looping them as they had no firm structure, and pulling them together as they were very thin, and he has little strength. It hasn't been an easy task and it took a toll on his confidence. We had been teaching him alongside his Occupational Therapist, to tie his laces for six months. His Occupational Therapist recommended Ezi Lace Up's, so we purchased. Anything that can help support our son with his goals, we are happy to try. We love that the Ezi Lace Up's are firm, wide and has structure. Its also two tone's in colour. So it help's him identify where to criss cross his laces together. They are user friendly and easy to maintain and grip. Thank You. Our son has now been successful and is independent in tying his shoe laces. We are happy and so very proud. Love and highly recommend Ezi Lace Up's. You wont regret it.


"Ezi Lace Ups...have become a valuable part of our shoe lace kit" 


Hi Samya,

Thanks so much for the ezi lace ups. Our team works with clients with fine motor difficulties. Your laces have become a valuable part of our shoe lace kit which we use with clients regularly. 


Many thanks!


Occupational Therapist                                                                                                                                        

Cerebral Palsy Alliance 


"Ezi Lace Ups...Bringing a scream of delight ....and joy of tying shoes" 

My 5 year old son and I had been working on tying his shoes on and off for quite some time. He desperately wanted to learn so we watched many a you tube video. Unfortunately all this was met with much frustration by him and I. When I saw that the Ezi-Lace-Ups were available we ordered. My son anxiously checked the mailbox every day. The package arrived this Tuesday. We practiced about 8 times that evening - once together on Wednesday morning. A short time later I heard a scream of delight. My son had tied his shoes all by himself  Thank you for bringing the joy of tying shoes to our home.

From Grace (Mum) on behalf of Caden

"Miracle Shoelaces" 

I have been trying to learn how to do my shoelaces a faster way for years now but I could never get it. Then Sam showed me with her coloured shoelaces and after one try with them it clicked and I picked it up straight away. Now I know how to tie my shoes a faster way, thanks to Sam's Miracle shoelaces.
From Jake - 11 years old


"Confidence building"

They Made it so easy for me. I like the different colours!
From Olivia

After many failed attempts at teaching my daughter to tie her shoe laces, it was amazing to watch her successfully tie them on her second attempt using the EZI-LACE-UPS™.
The different coloured laces take away any confusion and gave her confidence.
From Lauren (Olivia's Mum)

"I'd been trying to teach her for a year!" 

I could tie my shoelaces after just one time!  I was very surprised and happy with myself. The colours helped me a lot and now I can tie my school laces, which are all black, all by myself!
From Lara


Thank you so much for the EZI-LACE-UPS™ Laces. In less than 10 mins Lara learnt what I'd been trying to teach her for a year! She is very  proud to be able to tie her shoelaces properly and even enjoys continuing to practice!
From Grace (Lara's Mum)

"They are a “must have” for every child." 

Ezi lace-ups would have to be one of the most innovative creations I have ever been introduced to!


I absolutely love, love, love them. If fact I love them so much that they are permanently kept in my handbag.


As both a mother and a “Learning support officer”, I have experienced children of all ages and capacities having fun whilst learning this vital skill and most importantly, I have watched their confidence grow.


I honestly believe every child should have access to Ezi lace-ups and would be thrilled to see them introduced to early childhood centres and primary schools everywhere.

They are a “must have” for every child.

From Tanya D  (Learning support officer)


"Now it's so easy!." 

Sam taught me an easy way to tie my laces, now it's so easy! 
I Love doing my laces!
From Amber

"I even tied up my shoelaces all by myself!" 


I liked the colourful shoelaces the best.

It was a little bit tricky, then it was easier each time I tried.
Mummy said "Practice makes perfect" and I did it!
I even got myself ready on the first day of kindy- I even tied up my shoelaces all by myself!
From Charlotte

As a mother of a child getting ready for kindergarten I was aware of the challenge ahead to teach my child to tie up her shoelaces.
When I was made aware of Sam's new product, I straight away grabbed a Coloured pair and another Black/Grey/White.
We practiced in the school holidays and in no time at all, she could tie up her shoelaces.
Then we bought her new school shoes. Well, she was that excited, she put them on straight away and proudly said "I did it Mummy, I did it!"
From Jillian (Mum and  Learning Support Officer)

"Now I can help my friends tie their shoelaces too" 


I really liked the coloured laces. They helped me a lot. Now I can help my friends tie their shoelaces too!

From Mark

Thanks Sam. 

Your laces were an instant success. We no longer have issues with shoelaces.
From Pauline (Mark's Mum)

"We were excited to use EZI-LACE-UPS™, yet unconvinced! We'd tried every method!" "It felt so great to learn to tie my shoelaces" 


"Sam it felt so great to learn to tie my shoe laces"

From Noah


We tried for at least 1 and 1/2 years to teach Noah how to tie his shoe laces. We tried every method, rhyme, technique we knew without success.

Despite every effort made by Noah, he was unable to coordinate a shoe tying process.

When Sam offered to teach Noah with EZI-LACE-UPS™ we were excited, yet unconvinced! After a brief 15 minute lesson, Noah was able, with confidence to tie his own laces. The skills taught have stayed with Noah and he continues to tie his own laces with confidence to this day.This has been a massive boost to Noah's self esteem.

Thanks Sam 

​From Kelly (Noah's mum)



"I'm not .. little ...anymore"

"I did it! I'm not .. little ...anymore.... The colours helped me see what to do! " 

From Alicia


"After trying to teach my daughter with mild Autism to tie her shoelaces for 2 years Sam introduced her to  EZI-LACE-UPS™ which I now call MIRACLE LACES. After reading The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Lace book and explaining and showing her the colours and whales you make, she had it on the fourth go. 

Absolutely FANTASTIC a must for every family, preschool and kindergarten to have." 

​From Carolyn (Alicia's mum)