Our Story

The Dream:

As a full time mum of 4 children, constantly living with tight finances, I always said that if I could come up with an invention which made 50c profit on every item I sold, and sold 1 million of them, then I would be on my way to financial freedom…… Freedom to then help others on their way to financial freedom…


The Challenge:

Little did I know how true this would become when one day, (sounds like a fairy tale!), in 2003, I asked my 4 year old daughter Sarah to show me how she tied her laces. We had been trying to teach her for a while because it was a Prep class goal. It was getting to the point where she now avoided anything to do with shoe laces. After a little encouragement she tried once more for me becoming frustrated and upset, her confidence sinking to an all-time low. I watched with determination to understand her dilemma and solve it! Like the proverbial “light bulb” it hit me- She couldn't "see" which bits went where!


The Invention:

Instantly I developed a teaching shoelace - creating the uniquely designed & patented tri-coloured EZI-LACE-UPS™ - (selling our old much loved wind-up campervan to help make it happen). Sarah instantly gravitated towards the colours & within 2 attempts had mastered shoelace tying! The most priceless look of delight on her face and shine in her eyes- confidence soaring! 

That same evening I wrote a children’s book called Learning Lace tying: The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Lace, publishing it 10 years later, It's a fun, rhyming story teaching lace tying using EZI-LACE-UPS™.

The Success Stories:

With 100% success rate & many success stories told since their development, EZI-LACE-UPS™  remain a key educational tool unlocking potential to achieve; interest & fun in learning; motivation to take an active role ; value in ability, releasing potential; & confidence in self upon success as well as learning lace tying. So much so that EZI-LACE-UPS™ naturally became synonymous with "success at your fingertips!"


The Future:

Yet this was only the beginning for me: As a mum I wanted to do the very best for my children.

As a social worker, graduating in 1988 & working with children / families in many capacities over the years, I wanted to do my best for all who I was privileged to support;

And as a woman, my heart’s call resounded the need to support under-resourced children/ families of the world. I choose to send royalties from product sales to children/ families in need. 



- Produce & raise awareness of educational products / services to help parents / care-givers  help children reach their potential;

- Financially contribute to organisations who exist to serve the needs of under-resourced children & their families. 

- Financially support animal welfare organisations -(I have a big heart for animals too).

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