This product listing is for 1pair of EZI-LACE-UPS™  and 1 "The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Lace" Book, please choose your shoelace colour.


If your Child has ever sat in front of their shoe

with their shoe lace undone

"Cause it's tricky to do"

then "The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Lace" Book is for you


Learning Lace Tying: The Dance Of The Coloured Shoe Lace- is a fun children's rhyming story which takes kids and their parents / Care-givers step by step through the lace tying process, demonstrating use of the EZI-LACE-UPS™ - unique tri coloured shoelaces using colours to make shoelace tying fun, interesting and easy to see "which bits go where", building confidence. Even colour blindness is catered for!

Book size: 21.8 x 28 cm

Book Type: Soft Cover



Shoelace Tying: Once an avoidable task... now an achievable goal!


Originally designed in 2003 for my 4 year old daughter Sarah to overcome her frustration and confusion with shoelace tying. The EZI-LACE-UPS™ are a unique Tri-Colour Shoe Lace designed to help the user see "which bits go where"

My daughter instantly gravitated towards the colours of the laces and within 2 attepts had mastered shoelace tying! The most priceless look of delight on her face and shine in her eyes- Confidence Soaring!


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Book + Ezi Lace Ups™ bundle